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With my work I try to create a framework for my perception to structure and experience my direct surroundings. I always try to find the point where a given context turns from something that is taken for granted into a non-given.

On the one hand I try to find the transition from an “as is” situation to visual experience by highlighting the simplicity of certain characteristics of a location (e.g. its architectural anomalies, lighting or the remnants of its history) and reducing the abundance of visual information to what I consider its essential facets. By using materials present at site or carefully chosen to fit it, the process that proceeds from the analysis and exploration of these facets makes the space and the work of art all flow into each other. The final work is a spatial intervention that emphasises that a space is, by its virtue, a construction.

On the other hand I take random elements present at a working location such as built up dust or leftover materials as a starting point rather than the site itself. By creating a new context using photography or making a site-specific installation, these seemingly insignificant phenomena can turn into a new visual experience.